About Bravely Nourished

Hi friends!

Thank you so much for visiting Bravely Nourished! I truly believe you are here and reading my posts, tips and tricks for a reason. BN is here to give you healthy and dietitian-created & approved recipes; Bible hand lettering & calligraphy tips; and most recently sharing my journey writing and publishing my very first novel!!


Weird, I know. A dietitian writing about food, calligraphy, God and writing a book. . . well I guess that’s just me, I’m a little weird. Hopefully that’s cool with you, if so, I think we could be friends. 🙂 


Recipe Criteria!!

When bringing you a recipe, my goal is to give you something lower in calories, cleaner ingredients, simple, and drool-for delicious…I know, my criteria is high, but that’s just how I roll. I set my standards high. There are enough high calorie desserts in the world, I mean let’s face it, anyone can take sugar and butter, cream it together and it’s going to taste good. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s baking 101 – sugar and butter are a staple, normally. But to take healthy, wholesome and clean ingredients, put them together and somehow God has blessed it with His grace enough that it comes out tasting just as good (if not better – cough), than the butter- and sugar-filled stuff. Well, I just have no words.

The other part of my criteria is simplicity. I’m talking simple ingredients AND simple recipe steps. None of this hop on one foot while you stir, bake it, take it out, put it back in, bake some more – oh no. I’m sorry, but my life is already complicated enough, I don’t need some recipe stressing me out even more. I’m assuming the same goes for you so, you’re welcome.


Lettering & Calligraphy!!

This was an unplanned part of this blog’s original idea, but I’m glad God called me to start sharing it. I started lettering back in Aug 2016, so not long at all. Through my learning, I’ve been able to take time to sit down with God’s word, create beautiful art, memorize scripture more fully, and meditate on his word on a weekly/daily basis. Because when you sit down to letter and do calligraphy and actually take the time to format and create a piece of art with His word as the centerpiece, something happens. You sit and you think about the words more fully. While your drawing the lines and embellishments, God’s speaking to you, you’re writing His word not only on paper, but on your heart; and then He takes that word and helps you see how you can apply it to your life. So rather than just reading scripture through, and finding a verse you like and only just reading it over and over again – you’re slowing things down, spending time in the verse, and allowing God to envelope you into the verse and show you it’s meaning and what it can mean for you. 


Writing my first novel!!

So friend, you ask: how did you get started writing? Well, actually my writing journey started right here. This little nook that I like to call Bravely Nourished is where it all started. I had no idea (as usual) what I was doing writing a blog, posting recipes and nutrition articles weekly, but then something happened. As I continued to write, I found my voice. I found that communicating through typed words on a page (or screen) was something I adored. I found a love for writing. And then you showed up. Yes, you, my readers. And you kept showing up, and then you started encouraging me, specifically in my writing.

I’m also a lover of young adult novels, particularly ones that have a little romance, some fantasy and a lot of adventure. I love them so much that I get ultra mad and ultra opinionated about stories, how they’re written and how the plot plays out (sometimes, not all the time). I’m always saying I wish it would have ended this way or that, or they should have done it this way. Therefore, I’m shutting up about other authors and how I think their stories should go and just writing my own. That way I have complete control over everything!! Rambling coming to an end here, but what you can expect from posts about my book: book previews, character profiles and just more ramblings about the writing process and how it’s going. Wanna read more about my first novel? Check it out here!  

I’m glad you’re here friend and sister. See you soon.