Top 7 Posts Of 2017!! + Book Updates

Oh my goodness, friend. We are here. The end of 2017, I think most of us say this at the end of pretty much every year, but how did this happen? Where did it go? 


I had aspirations as to my last post for this year, but ya know, it just didn’t happen. I was a little ambitious this year when it came to Christmas and some presents that I wanted to make and give, and then I put a pretty challenging word goal to hit before Christmas for my book (insert biggest smiley face you can find!!) and so yeah, veggie gravy recipe is just not gonna happen for the blog for 2017. I’d love to still send you the recipe if you’re dying for it, leave a comment below and I’ll send it your way. 


So, moving on, now about my word goal! About 5-ish days before Christmas, I sent a goal to write 3,000 words before Christmas Eve. That’s a steep goal for me, just sayin’. But I stuck to my guns and I hit it! I am now at . . . are you ready? 21,438 words. Holy moley, I know! Who in the heck would have guessed I knew that many words, but apparently I do. 


Oh, oh, oh!! Another exciting piece about the book, I sent Draft 1, Section 1 to two of my beta readers last week. A beta reader is someone who is one of the first people to read your book. They go through and help you edit, give you notes on things to improve, tell you what parts don’t make sense, and just genuinely tell you if it’s good, or what needs to change to make it good. Fun stuff!! It’s crazy to me that I just sent part of my book for people to read . . . like for entertainment. I mean, yes, they’re going to completely pick it apart, but that’s not the point. Oh, I just can’t even handle all the thoughts and the feels and the excitement right now. 


I’m fully aware that there’s like a ba-jillion (yes, that’s a word) steps before my book is actually in print on paper, but I think starting and continuing is basically the hardest part of ANY dream that we have, right? I mean isn’t finding the confidence, the time, the energy, the drive like a huge part of the battle? It is for me at least. A couple years ago, I would NOT have had the confidence to step out boldly and start writing a book. I would have been like, uhh yeah that’s too hard. Where would I even start? If I tried writing, I wouldn’t write anything worth reading. No one would want to read what I have to write. 


Megan now, is like, that’s BS!! So what if it’s hard. So what if you don’t know where to start, just start. You’ll definitely write tons of stuff worth reading. And, yes, people will read what you write, and if there’s really no one out there in the world that will….you’re mom definitely will read it! 


Oh my goodness, where has this post gone? Book tangent over. Let’s get to the top posts of this year! I’ll say it again, holy moley! 2017, you went crazy fast. The top posts of this year honestly did not surprise me at all, and I 100% agree with them. I love them all too!


So here goes, top 7 posts of 2017! 


#7 – Marriage-What’s So Hard About It?

One of my favorites as well! I talk about some of the truths of marriage that I’ve learned along the way. This is a good one to visit if you’ve been married for years or are hoping to get married one day. I always heard marriage was so hard, but no one ever got into the nitty gritty details of it all. Welp, here they are!



#6 – Oatmeal Squares & How I Survived A Rough Week Last Week

The Oatmeal Squares are da! This was an impromptu post that included some rough roads that we faced early last year and some things I did to help get me through. Little did I know, 2017 held many rough roads and these same Truths and practices held me up all year long. 



#5 – Scripture & Lettering-How To’s

Sharing about my lettering was certainly not on my radar when I first started blogging, but I’m so happy it is now! This post will give you some great How To’s to get you started doing lettering and calligraphy, especially scripture! 



#4 – Buckeye Energy Bites

This was the second post that came to mind when I thought of doing a “top” posts of 2017 post. Ahhh yes, these little energy nuggets of heaven are sure to please your tummy and your family’s tummies. And with only FOUR ingredients, and the match made in heaven – chocolate and peanut butter, you can’t go wrong!



#3 – Everything You Need to Start Lettering

This is another fun one! I pour my heart out outlining every single thing you need to start lettering and it’ll only cost you about $5. Yep, that’s it my friend. So if you’re wanting to get starting learning lettering and calligraphy, here ya go!



#2 – Why Start A Prayer Journal And How To Begin

Another unexpected post that God put on my heart. Prayer journaling was something that was completely NOT on my radar, like ever. I thought writing prayers down on paper was downright weird. Now I write almost all of my prayers down! Brainstorming more posts like this one in the future, so stay tuned. 



#1 – Ooey Gooey Buckeye Bars

Yum. Yum. Yum! When I first had this idea of doing a “top” posts of 2017, this was the first post that came to my mind. These lovelies were amazing when I first made them and they’re still exactly awesome now, and you’ll never guess the secret ingredient! Psst…it’s healthy! I had some of my insta followers make these and they absolutely LOVED them! So they’re reader tested and approved! 




So that’s the statistical list for the top posts of 2017, but I have a couple honorable mentions that are just my personal favorites. Here are those.


Our Love Story

Obviously this is probably my favorite post! I recapped the bigger moments of mine and my husband’s relationship. I posted this around our anniversary and I must say, it was so fun to write and tell our story. (BTW, yes, we reenacted The Notebook for some of our engagement pics!! Who else’s favorite movie is The Notebook?!)



Veggie Grilled Cheese

In 2017 I set out to bring you more recipes that incorporated more of the veg action, and this one is a total hit at my house! It’s such an awesome twist on an old, comfort-food favorite, please, please make this! You’re tummy will thank you for it.



How I Became A Christian – My Testimony

God put it heavy on my heart to share my salvation story with you and I’m praying it continues to spread the gospel to the ends of the Earth. 



Mediterranean Wraps

Another veggie recipe for ya! So simple and easy, eating veggies doesn’t have to be complicated, time consuming or boring and this recipe will prove it to you!



Well there ya have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed scrolling through these posts as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing them to you over the past year. Do you have any new ideas or suggestions for posts in the future? Like do you want more veggie recipes? More lettering posts? More stuff about marriage/relationships? Or just more COOKIES!? Leave a comment below so I can start planning for 2018!


Lastly, I love you’re here right now, reading this post all the way till the end. If you love what you see and never wanna miss a post, feel to free to subscribe with your email. I only post about once per month (now that I’m writing my book, that’s taking precedence!) so your inbox will NOT get flooded with emails. I promise.


Love you, friend! 

2 thoughts on “Top 7 Posts Of 2017!! + Book Updates

  1. Hi Megan. As I was reading this last post about you writing a book I was thinking 🤔 oh I have to get this book and read it so you are absolutely right about who will read your book..”.if no one else does…my mom will “. Yes I will.
    Love you Megan ❤️

    1. Bahahah that’s hilarious and awesome!!! I knew you would come through for me!! 😃

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