Meet Ellie…the main character

She’s firey and gentle, ferocious and fair, she hardly ever says the right thing…no I’m not talking about myself or even a real person (well she’s real to me I guess!). Meet Ellie. The main character of my very first, currently untitled, Young Adult fiction novel series. 


Heyyyy, friend! I’m so happy you’re here reading this and taking some time out of what I’m sure is your busy life to slowwwww down and read about my imaginary friend named Ellie.  😊


The holidays are here, Thanksgiving is actually behind us now, how in the heck did that happen?? And now let the crazy begin! Good crazy, I hope. Random question, what’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? Mine is now mashed potatoes and gravy, especially the gravy part! Ever since we became vegetarian, gravy has been something I’ve so so so missed!!  Not that I really have gravy that often, but when Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, my mashed potatoes were feeling pretty lonely.


This year I’ve cracked the code on a delicious and UMAMI-filled gravy. Umami is the 5th flavor category and basically is a savory and well-rounded flavor, sooooo good. Anyway, stay tuned for that recipe next. I’ve decided the world, in particular, you guys, need to know about this amazing gravy. Even if you’re not vegetarian, it’s so incredibly lovable, you’ll want to make it over that old turkey gravy every year. 


Chilly, snowy days on the lake!


So let’s dive into Ellie. I’m going to go ahead and just bullet point things for ya. These are all facts and traits about the main character/heroine of my story, which I still don’t have name for, the story I mean. I know! I truly wish I did so I could call it something other than “my book”, but it’s unbelievably hard to come up with a title to compass all of this, all of these thoughts and just generally this amazing story. 


Anywhoozers, here we go, here’s Ellie. 

  • She’s 26 years old.


  • Ellie’s full name is Eleanor Parrish.


  • Single and most definitely not ready to mingle,  or at least she doesn’t think she is!


  • Long, blonde, wavy hair. Light blue eyes.


  • Lives alone in a cottage on a small lake in the woods, far enough outside of town to not be bothered.


  • She’s has a bit of a tragic past, and that’s lead her to have some trust issues and the desire to just be alone.


  • She has magical powers that she was learning to master at one point, but when tragedy struck she hasn’t been the same since. She’s not sure why.


  • She’s most definitely not perfect, she makes a lot of mistakes along the way and sometimes she needs saving and other times she’s the one doing the saving, depending on the day!


  • She has a brown and black horse named Macs.


  • Ellie has a best friend who she’s known since she was ten, he’s handsome and sweet, and she has an idea that he wants more, but Micah is her friend and she doesn’t want to get married anyway…right? Micah and her met when his family moved to their town from a far off land no one’s ever heard of. His family took a real interest in both Ellie and her sister, Thea. Not in a weird way, more protective than anything.


  • Remember how she’s single and not ready to mingle? Well, when she meets Prince Aden, things change!


  • She has younger 2 sisters, Thea and Britta. Sadly, Thea died about 5 years ago and Ellie really hasn’t dealt with her grief from losing her sister. 


Alrighty, I think that’s enough about Ellie for now. I’m thinking next post about the book will be a little preview for you so you can get a little glimpse into Ellie’s world. What would you want to read more, an encounter Ellie has with Micah or how Ellie meets Prince Aden? Comment below, most votes wins! 


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Love you, friend. 

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