2 Ingredient!! Homemade Mocha Almond Butter

Yes, my friend, you read all of that right. Homemade almond butter; coffee + chocolate; 2 little, teeny, tiny ingredients. This is happening. Click To Tweet

You’re welcome.

Lately I’ve been a little MIA on the blog or any social media outlets for that matter. I’m not going to get into the hairy details, but let’s just say there’s been some stuff happening. Some not good stuff. Some stuff that I could use some major prayer for. Sometimes life is just hard, for no reason that we can really see. And that’s okay. And I’m not saying okay to make light of any situation, it’s okay to not understand, to wonder why the heck things happen the way they do, to be angry, sad, or just to want to put your head down and fast forward time a few days, weeks, months. It’s okay not to be okay.


It’s okay to ask God why. I’ve heard a lot of “success” stories or stories of people making it through hardship and the narrator mentions that the hero never asked “why me”. Well, is that such a bad thing to really wonder, why did this happen? I don’t think so. I think it’s when we ask that question, it opens the door for us to really learn why this happened. What am I to learn from this? What is God trying to work in me right now? What is He refining in me? Maybe He’s developing perseverance, your reliance on Him, patience, trust, hope. 


It’s okay to look around at other people’s lives and wish you were out of this storm, but similar to the recent hurricanes down south, if you can’t evacuate, sometimes you just have to prepare and hunker down and bare the storm. My God is always with me, and He is always with you too. So whatever storm or even hurricane you’re facing right now, He’s there, standing in the rain, wind, and flooding with you. He’s got this. I have no idea how, but He does.


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I saw this quote that I pinned a while back, and I think it is so true and even comforting for a time such as this. Sometimes there’s just a season or even seasons that you’ll go through that you might not want to read aloud. It might not be one that you’ll be reminiscing about years later, or maybe you do when you’re on the other side of things and maybe at this point you could clearly see what God was doing. Or maybe not. Who knows. But this quote says to me that it’s okay! We all go through struggles, hurts and hard times, we all question if we’re making the right decision. And then after the decision is made, we still wonder if we chose correctly. And then we even question – Did I just screw up God’s plan for my life in one foul swoop??


Sorry, friend, you’re not that powerful. Even if you choose wrong, if you made the decision with a heart after God’s, He will still find a way. Our all powerful, ever-knowing, universe-creator, will still be able to accomplish His big plan for your little life. And even if you made the decision and your heart really wasn’t in it looking to God, well there’s forgiveness and redemption for that as well, you just have to ask for it.


Long story short, friend, if you’re going through a hard time right now, me too. I would so appreciate it if you could be praying for my unspoken prayer, and I would love to pray for you as well. If you want to leave a comment below and let me know how I can be praying, feel free! Or if you just want to leave a comment with an unspoken prayer request, that’d be great too. Or if you don’t leave a comment at all, I’ll still be praying in general, for my readers, my friends that make it over here, the eyes of the peeps reading this post right now. I’m praying for you.



Oh, and one last thing on this subject. A while back I did a post about How I Survived A Rough Week and I shared some tips of things I do with my prayer time. Feel free to check it out if your soul is feeling overwhelmed, I’m still doing these things – through good times and hard times. 


Changing gears a little bit to a lighter subject. I have a secret. Yep, I’ve been holding out on you guys. I know, I know, I’m such a jerk. But I couldn’t tell you until I really took the time to pray about it, do some research and even start on it. And the worst part is, I still can’t tell you. Well, I mean, I can, but I’m not going to. You see, if I told you, then I’d have some explaining to do, and that would take up a whole blog post and then some, and that’s just not what this blog post is about. It’s what the next blog post is about!


What I can tell you:

  • it’s a new, big, HUGE project/endeavor I’m taking on
  • no, I’m not prego
  • it’s something I’m super super super excited about
  • honestly, it’s something that pretty much scares the pants off of me. Okay, not really, I still got my shorts on, but it’s something that I never thought I would do. While I do know where to start, thankfully, the following million steps are somewhat unknown, but I’m gonna figure them out. Cause this is something I want and I feel God’s calling me to do. 


So stay tuned, I’m hoping to post this announcement Thursday-ish. If you don’t already follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I’ll be posting it on there, as well as the FULL explanation right here on the blog. 


Changing gears again, back to the recipe for today! This stuff is awesome! And actually I can’t take full credit for the recipe, when I was just starting my very first job out of college, myself and a couple of the other dietitians at my new job got together for lunch to get to know each other.


Pin me, pin me!!


My friend Holly and I were new to the area in Florida, and Jamie had been living and working in Tampa for 2 years already. Jamie was so gracious to have us over to her little apartment and after lunch, we got the crazy idea to make our own almond butter. But not just any almond butter, but almond butter made with cocoa dusted almonds and a little instant coffee sprinkled in. And that’s it! So simple and easy.


I HIGHLY recommend you use a food processor for this. I haven’t tried it with a blender, but I’m assuming it wouldn’t turn out. Now this takes a bit of time and patience. You place the ingredients in the food processor and press go. And then you wait. For probably about 1-2 minutes (seriously, I’m not exaggerating, 1-2 whole minutes) let it whirl on. 



Then once it’s looking a little course, like it does in this picture above, stop. Taking a spatula, scrape the sides. Then give it another whirl for another 1-2 whole minutes. It’s going to go against everything you’ve ever known or been taught about blenders, you’re going to question, should I stop it? Did I do this right? Should I just throw this away and start over? Should I add water to get it going? No, no, no. Keep it going just how it is.



Now when the texture has reached these tiny little beads, go ahead and stop and give it another scrape and stir. This should be your last time, stopping and scrapping, but who knows, maybe you’ll have to do it one more time. Start the food processor again for another 1-2 whole minutes or honestly, however long it takes for it to start really thickening up and forming a paste-like texture, like this. 



Serve on toast, with apple slices, on top of sweet potato toast (oh boy!! yum!), maybe even use it as a healthier frosting on cookies, who knows! Be creative! I also wouldn’t judge you if you just ate it by itself, ain’t no shame in that! In addition to your prayer requests, share below what you ended up using this amazing Mocha Almond Butter with, I’d love to hear your ideas so I can try too!


Love you, friend. 


2 Ingredient!! Homemade Mocha Almond Butter
Serves 6
A yummy twist on almond butter, and a simple way to make it homemade!
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 1 cup cocoa dusted almonds
  2. 1 packet instant coffee, I used decaf
  1. Pour almonds and coffee into food processor
  2. Blend for 1-2 minutes (I used the "dough" power setting on my Ninja, the lowest setting)
  3. Stop the processor, using a rubber spatula, scrape the sides and stir.
  4. Blend again for another 1-2 minutes.
  5. Repeat blending and scraping until butter forms a paste-like texture
  1. I highly recommend a food processor for this, I don't think a blender would work very well.
  2. You could change up the recipe any way you want, add cinnamon or other fall spices, throw in some peanuts, or chocolate chips, graham crackers even if you wanted smore's! The possibilities are endless!
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