What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Oh my goshhhh, does anyone else have a really hard time making decisions?! Sometimes I feel like I’m just spinning in complete circles, eyes closed, arm extended, finger pointed out and wherever I stop is what I’m going with…maybe. Or maybe I’ll just keep spinning until God gives me the answer in these big, bright, bold, flashing lights.  Yeah, I’ll just wait for that, cause then I’ll know it’s a clear sign.

To be honest,  I totalllllly had a different post planned for this week. If you haven’t caught on yet, I really strive to bring you guys some type of healthy-ish recipe every other week. And this should have been a recipe week, but what I have planned is going to take a little more tweaking, and that kind of tweaking time is much better done on a weekend vs. after work, rushing around and then it comes out half-…. well you know. I really hope that you STAY TUNED though, because what I have planned for next week’s recipe is going to be awesome!!!! I’m so excited to share it with you, and show you that eating healthy can be so simple and delicious. If you want to make sure you never miss a post, feel free to subscribe to the blog with your email, that way you’ll get an email everytime there’s a new post (about once/week). 

Back to the topic of today’s post. There’s been a lot going on in my mind lately in regards to the blog and extra endeavors. I literally have 4 to 5 ideas rolling around in my head that I could pursue. I could, but should I? Just because I could start on a project or pursue new routes, doesn’t mean I should.

I think we can probably all agree on this. I did a post a while back kind of outlining my main takeaways from Lysa Terkuerst’s book The Best Yes, which btw I HIGHLY recommend, especially if you struggle to make decisions. So feel free to head over and check out that post if you need more decision-making insight.

For now, let’s talk about my struggles. During my torment with making decisions, or lack there of, mainly just sitting on the ideas really, I thought back to some key points as to how I can check myself before I wreck myself when it comes to making decisions. And I’d like to share them with you.


So here we go, 3 main points to consider when you just don’t know what to do:


1. Pray about it.

I know this might seem like the obvious one, but maybe it isn’t always our first instinct, or maybe isn’t even our instinct at all. I heard a quote somewhere (don’t ask me where) that said,

Have you prayed about this as much as you’ve talked about it? 

I know that hit me straight between the eyes when I first heard it. Bringing our cares and our worries before the Lord, meditating on them, sitting still and being quiet with the Lord, can do wonders for weighing options. Allow yourself to be shaped and molded by what He tells you. Stop talking and get quiet and allow Him to speak to you. Sometimes when I’m talking with God, I’m so busy talk, talk, talking that I don’t let God get a word in edge-wise. How rude is that? 

I hope it’s a funny picture that I’m creating in your head right now, but it’s true! And I have a feeling I’m not the only one. So take the time to pray about it, not just for 5 minutes before you decide, give it a couple days, weeks, months, to allow Him to really speak to you and teach you through the process. You’ll be closer and more like Him in the end, no matter what decision you make just for the simple fact of spending more intentional time with Him. 


2. Align it with God’s Word.

I don’t know what decision you’re trying to make, but if it does not align with God’s Word, meaning it goes against God’s Word, then that is and open and shut – NO. If it’s leading you into sin or leading someone else into sin that is something that God is clear about in His letter to us. If it’s not a question of to sin or not to sin, and it’s something else entirely, there is much to be learned and gleaned from reading God’s Word. He wrote us this letter (the entire Bible) for you and I specifically, and honestly I don’t know if we really understand the magnitude and the preciousness of this gift that He’s given us. We want so many things laid out, spelled out for us, well He actually did that quite a bit. We just have to open the book and our hearts. 

Now please do not take this as a lecture, because, girl, I know I could definitely crack open God’s Word more too, we all could. I’d encourage you to spend regular time in scripture, not just when you’re trying to make hard decisions, but throughout regular life too. I heard another quote once (don’t ask me where again….I gotta start writing down where these come from!), it went something like,

Do you check your Bible as much as you check social media?

Ouch, I know. That one hit me really hard too. Get in that Word, friend. You’ll have more clarity when you do. 


3. Seek advice from fellow Christians who know, love and care about you. 

I know I bashed talking about your troubles with making decisions in the first point, but this is definitely not one to be skipped. Checking in with a friend, talking things out, seeking their advice and caution is such a great way to find clarity in life. Just pray about it first, then go to your friends or family and then go back to prayer. 

I can’t even begin to count the amount of times that I sought advice from one of the Godly women who I call friends, and felt such a weight lifted after our discussion. They can give you Godly advice, provide you with another set of eyes on the situation, and just plain hear you out. I, personally, need actual advice a lot of the time. But sometimes I just need to talk things out, say it all out loud to someone I trust, and then, come to find out, I don’t even need their advice. I just spoke the answer out loud that for some reason wouldn’t form in my head and I just needed a loving ear to listen. 




Alright, so you’ve done all those and you still can’t make a decision? Oh man, you’re a goner. Forget it. Obviously, I’m kidding! The secret bonus step if you’ve done all these steps, went around and through these multiple times, prayed about it, aligned with God’s Word, and talked to every Christian you know – and you still can’t reach a decision. 

Just pick one. Yep, that’s it. I know too simple, right? But if you don’t necessarily feel a strong pull in one direction from God in prayer, it’s not a sin, and your friends have talked you through it and can’t give you a definitive answer either, just picking one and moving forward is sometimes the answer. {Shout out to my friend Wendy and her hubs for this tip!!}

I know we would absolutely lovvvvvvvve for God to just tell us exactly what His perfect will is for our lives, we would follow it and everything would be dandy. Well, what if there are 2 or 3 or more options that are perfectly in alignment with His will and WE get to choose?!

Holy moley! You mean I get a say in this? Yes, lady, you do! Allow me to let you in on a little secret, ya know those desires you have in your heart? Maybe you love painting, love reading, love nutrition, horses, chemistry (uh, not me, but who knows maybe you do!), whatever is in your heart, friend; God put it there! Click To Tweet

Yep, funny concept, right? I mean He created us, so why wouldn’t He be the one to impart on us our desires? He’s not going to make you do something you don’t want to do. I mean, yeah, we are definitely going to have some trials in this life, back to chemistry – as a dietitian, I have a chemistry-based major!! Not my favorite part of school, but I have such a passion for nutrition, that He helped me through. But in the end God allowed me to make that decision myself. 

This whole concept of us getting to choose was something I learned from The Best Yes book and it honestly changed how I look at decisions. I no longer look at decisions thinking, oh my goodness I hope I’m making the right choice, what if I choose wrong and then God’s will isn’t accomplished, and then I just suck and I ruined everything.

I’m sorry, but let’s not think too much of ourselves that we honestly would be able to screw up the ultimate end goal of what God’s trying to accomplish through His will. He’s a lot bigger and wiser than us, so even if we choose wrong, if we approach the situation with a heart after His heart, His will and His desires, He will still use that situation for good. He will still find a way to accomplish His plan, plain and simple. 

And sometimes we just need to choose because sitting on it isn’t moving us forward. It’s called “analysis paralysis”, yep it’s a thing! Don’t stay stagnant for too long, once you’ve gone round and round so many times. Sometimes you do just need to pick one and who knows what God will do with it and grow from it. But in the end, if you’re heart’s in the right place, He’ll grow you and bless others. 


Here’s a graphic I created, that I hope helps make the process more clear. Feel free to ‘pin it’ for safe keeping and share with your friends!!


So friend, I hope this helped give you some clarity on your next steps. Making decisions, big and small is not easy, especially if you’re taking into consideration what God wants for you too. And let me just say, with the options I’ve been weighing these last couple weeks, I ended up just picking one. So don’t feel bad if that’s what you end up doing too. Love you, friend. 






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